Monday, January 02, 2006

So uh... what year is it man?

If I catch myself saying it's 1996 one more time, I'm throwing myself to the leeches! Or at least making a note to date more... there's a bad joke in there somewhere... and I'm not touching it.

So I guess I ought to blog my new years resolution(s). Well, I guess mine would have to be don't suck at Spanish 202 (or anything else in collage) and make music a more active part of my life. By "more active" I mean sing more. Either form a band or get out there with musicians. There is too much writing and shelving, and I'd like to change that. It's time to smudge some air!

So... yeah...

Hope y'all had a nice New Years. I mostly just played pool and devoured pizza, but all things considered I'd say it was pretty good.



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