Monday, January 09, 2006

Ok, maybe it's not so bad...

Three months ago I saw the website for the new Caligari film. Up to that point I had been very curious, since this is perhaps one of my top ten favorite horror movies of all time. When I saw the site I was left with the impression that they were pulling a Survivor's Cut. I was outraged. When I ranted about it in my last article, I was running mostly off that old rage.

But now, I can't find that website for the film and everywhere I go describes it as a new film and not just added scenes to "improve" the old one. As I pointed out before, they used the backgrounds from the original and shot the actors in green screen. That seems pretty lazy to me. It also reeks of potential Sky Captain cheese.

Anyway, since I can't find anything to back my previous accusations and complaints, I hereby retract them. Sorry.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an unqualified movie critic. Just stuff it. The Survivor's Cut wasn't even released commercially you dummy. It's a free flick online - how does that hurt your fragile eggshell mind?

6:34 PM  
Blogger Neosamurai85 said...

Did I say that he sold it? Did I say my problem was that he made money off it? Nope. I think I was pretty clear what my problem was.

"It sickens me that when I go on IMDB to look up Night of the Living Dead it shows Dean Lachiusa name next to George A. Romero's as if he actually co-directed the classic. No, what Dean Lachiusa did was cut out whole scenes and replace them with stuff he shot, add color to parts and imply that he could do a better job then Romero. That's in my book is plain old disrespect. No two ways about it."

So swing not your dumbchucku at me, Captain Anonymoose. You are an unqualified commenter and the opossums are salivating.


6:55 PM  

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