Friday, January 13, 2006

Web Comics Are Getting BIG!

For about a year and a half now I've been trying to preach the gospel to friends and the online geek world that as we run out of movies to remake (and remake again) and TV shows, books, plays and graphic novels/comics to adapt for the big screen, that the new territory to be charted is going to be web comics... and now that I have a blog of my own, to hell with them! Uh, the webnews sites that is... not my firends... I still like those people. :)

Well, I believe the first steps towards Andy Serkis' Oscar-winning (and physically crippling) performance as Choo Choo Bare were made when Elsie Hooper creator Robert D. Krzykowski began work on adapting his comic into a major motion picture. He has been working on it for a few years now and is still in the early pre-production stages. Last I checked he is still working through drafts of the script to get it right. I'll try and report more on this as it progresses.

Another big step for web comics in general got quite a bit of online press when R.K. Milholland was able to raise enough money to quite his job and work on comics exclusively for a year.

He also scored the first official live action film adaptation thanks to some of his fans.

More near the end of last year, he also discovered that his fan base for his main comic Something Positive was a tad larger than he thought:

"This site gets an average of 124,000 unique visitors a week apparently - and 318,000 unique visitors a month."

So all that's nothing new... but two days ago this broke just barely under my radar.

Least I Could Do (the funniest sexist thing since Leisure Suit Larry 2... other than perhaps the great Glen Quagmire) has announced a pilot episode in the works. It will be professionally done and used to try and snag a station for a full on animated series. Also the pilot will be avaleble for free at!

Though this has Spike TV written all over it... may they drift into the loving arms of Adult Swim where they belong. Seriously, I strive a lot towards the ideals of feminism, and even I find it hilarious. It's just got that twinkle in its eye that will make fans of the great Al Lowe smile.

So things are happening in web comic land. I think this is great since it really opens the doors for independent artists out there to find their readers without the constraints of geography or... The Man! So I've got to ask... what next? Will some bastard spawn of David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky come along and make Paper Eleven into this next generation's Eraserhead or Tetsuo: The Iron Man? I sure hope so!



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