Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Um... about Hustle & Flow...

You know how I said all those things before....

Yeah... um... well... it's actually really good. Maybe not Taxi Driver good... but that's the kind of film that comes to mind. It's that humanity in bad people kind of thing. Right to the end (keep in mind who said "everybody's got to have a dream." and think about what that might say about DJay) I don't like the guy, but Terrence Howard is acting his heart out. Oscar nod indeed. The script is like Narc, in that it takes a genre I really don't care a lot about (at least lately) and makes me pay attention.

DJ Qualls might never get work this streight again. Which is sad because He's a pretty good at being more than just a striking face to make fun of. And shit... they got a good performance out of Anthony Anderson! How on earth is that possible?!?!?

My mind is compleatly blown. Dogs and cat's living togeather... four horsemen... new wallpaper... beeeelooooown.

I love watching Taryn Manning and Taraji P. Henson flesh out the prostetutes. Henson was great in Baby Boy and after this I hope she gets more big name work in the future. (Speaking of Narc, she's got a small role in Joe Carnahan's new film Smokin' Aces to look out for!) Manning is now on my radar. Really solid work. I love her scene behind the pawn shop, and... every other scene she's in!

"So class, what have we learned today?"

"In John Singleton we trust."

"Good. Now go have your snacks and juice."


Seriously though. Singleton produced the film and paid for it out of his own wallet. That has got to say something about it. AND IT HAS ISAAC HAYES!

So yeah... I was wrong. It happens. Sorry Craig Brewer. I guess I've got to go see Black Snake Moan now... Damn...



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